May 25

Coda 2 Color Theme

Category: Technology

With Coda 2 out, I found myself missing the inverted colors option.  So I had to do some re-creating. I came up with this nice theme and thought I would share it for all the Coda users out there.     To install save to your /Users/you/Library/Application Support/Coda 2/Styles/…
Tags : Code, Coda, Coda 2

Mar 10

Custom Block Views with Custom Attributes in C5

Category: Programming

One of the things most commonly missed in the C5 community is custom block views.  I’ve already written a number of articles talking about this. But you never can have to many!   In this go at it, I’m going to delv in some more common and practical uses of custom block views, …
Tags : , Blocks, Views, Packages, Events

Feb 11

The C5 Programmers guide to gear

Category: Technology

I sometimes get asked what my setup looks like, and what I have found to an be effective landscape. Firstly let me toss a disclaimer out there, this is MY preferences and by no means the best options or way of doing things.  But in the interest of full disclosure, I think it will be fun to comp…

Feb 06

Bringing back the dashboard nav

Category: Programming

  I saw a post today that I thought I would pass along.  How to add back in the old dashboard nav.  Thanks to Tristen/datagri for the original code. Open up /root/concrete/themes/dashboard/elements/header.php and paste this on line 118 <style type="text/css"> div#ccm-dashboard-content { …
Tags : , Concrete5, Code, Dashboard

Feb 03

Help me clean out the Dev Shed!

Category: Technology

What is the dev shed? Over time with working relationships with clients I get all kinds of requests for interesting needs and requests.  As many of you know, I am a fan of taking cool ideas and making them available to the greater C5 community.  The Dev Shed is the "interesting ideas I ha…

Oct 28

Extending the page_list class

Category: Programming

One cool trick I learned in C5 that I use quite often is extending the page_list model to add functionality, or even "override" functionality.  It's amazingly flexible and powerful at the same time.  And it's a HUGE time saver. When to rely on the page_list model In short...does whatever…

Sep 20

So Why Concrete5?

Category: Strategy

With all the great and longstanding CMS's out there on the interwebs, what sets Concrete5 apart from the rest, and why convince my clients to use it? You might say that I am biased, since admittedly 95% of my income is related to C5, but there are a host of reasons why that is, and I'd like to do m…
Tags : , Concrete5, Planning

Aug 02

Composer Tool Impact

Category: Strategy

When I first heard about the new Composer Tool included in C5v5.4.2, selfishly as a developer, I was quite discouraged in regards to several products I have available in the marketplace. My primary concern was that with the Composer Tool being as cool and handy as it is, why would someone want to d…
Tags : , Composer, Addons, Updates

Mar 26

Custom Attribute Types

Category: Programming

Concrete5’s attribute system is one the shining gems of it’s flexibility.  Although out of the box C5 comes stock with a host of usable attributes, sometimes, you have a need for something a little more complex.  Many users are terrified to dig into creating their own attribute…

Sep 10

Custom Block Views in C5

Category: Programming

One of the most common mistakes in “tweeking” your new C5 site, is to incorrectly modify a package or block css. Concrete5 has made a super easy way to handle this out of the box.    Before we dive into styling a block, we need to cover two topics that are the premis of …

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